FIRST CUT – Bringing More Metal Processing Solutions to its Customers through
06 August 2015

First Cut, one of South Africa’s leading distributors of international capital equipment, together with the Dutch company Timesavers International B.V add even more value to the metal sector. Timesavers is a well-established manufacturer of grinding and polishing machines for the metal industry. They offer solutions in de-burring and edge-rounding and polishing of metals in general, mostly carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Timesavers-Grindingmaster machines are used for multiple applications such as, deburring, grinding, polishing, tolerance grinding, flame cut deburring and other special applications. These dry working machines are available with contact roller heads with a 180 or 280 diameter, and/or brush heads with oscillating scotch brite, stainless steel or nylon impregnated brushes. These machines are available in various capacities up to 1350mm.

The Timesavers “Slag” Grinding Machine is a remarkable machine used for deburring plasma-cut and flame-cut parts. The first head is a fixed grinding head with an aggressive 180mm diameter, the drum of the head is made of solid steel with a rubberised plain face to remove high burrs. The second head is also a fixed grinding head with a larger 280mm diameter, the drum comprises of serrated diamond and flexible rubber, removing the remaining burrs. The third head is a steel wire brush with a 280mm diameter which smooths the remaining sharp edges and cleans the part. The “Slag” Grinding Machine has a floating table unique in the floating feed bed design. It is easy to operate with motorised automatic thickness setting with additional hand wheel for fine adjustment. The feed table floats independently to the grinding belt due to 4 pneumatic “tiger-balls” which allow for no friction.

Multi-directional brush systems uniformly deburrs and finishes edges of laser cut, punched and machined parts in all directions in one pass, while improving the surface with an optional random finish. The machines specialise in grain, brush and scratch finishing of stainless steel in sheet and coil. The brushes also work on coated/ temperature sensitive, customised solutions for calibrating and fine grinding of special materials, such as titanium, chromium and zirconium and marked surface parts. An optional abrasive belt is available for pre-grinding heavy burrs. The machine has an 8 station brush carousel with frequency controlled main motors. Maximum working capacity of 1350mm.

Timesavers brings with it sixty years of technological expertise when it comes to processing metals and other special materials. For more information contact First Cut 011 614 1112 or email Steve Van Wyk on