NUOVA C.M.M. Group Welding Automation- T-Master
12 November 2015

Providing customers with a competitive edge and accelerating their return-on-investment is key focus area for First Cut. This reputable and experienced distributor of international capital equipment and consumables has surrounded itself with suppliers who consider quality to be a top priority; amongst them is NUOVA C.M.M Group.

NUOVA C.M.M. Group is located in Tezze sul Brenta in Italy. Originally a company specialising in mechanical engineering and metal work, it has gradually become a key supplier to large companies worldwide and now specialises in and automated welding equipment.

NUOVA C.M.M Group offers a complete service from design to manufacture and assembly and installation of equipment which is composed of two sections, the Welding Automation Division and Mechanical Division. The South African market has shown a keen interest in Welding Automation which over the last 22 years CMM has managed to build up a large range of machinery and specialised equipment.

The TBL is a dedicated machine designed for the continuous production of welded T and H beams, either parallel or cambered. The TBL operates with the web in vertical position. No tack welding is required, except at the leading edge, after the web has been aligned on the centre of the flange. The welding is carried out simultaneously from both sides of the web over the full length of the beam. After completion of the first flange welding, the section is turned through 180° and the alignment and welding operation repeated with the second flange. The TBL is now also able to assemble and weld box and star beams.

“A big advantage is that the flange is straightened during the welding process, this then rectifies any angular distortion caused by welding.” Says Steve Van Wyk, Director of First Cut.

Nuova C.M.M have several Line dimensions, the common one is for Beams 2000 /2500 (web) and 800 / 1000 (flange) but they can cater up to 5000mm of Web and 2000 mm of Flange with more than 2.5 Ton /m. The length of the Beam is normally from 4/6 meters minimum up to 12 / 18 meters maximum, but they cater for 35 meters or more.