First Cut offers high speed metal cutting E Series bandsaw machines
20 July 2015

Everising has launched a new bandsaw machine aimed at high speed cutting of metal. Distributed in South Africa by First Cut, a specialist cutting consumables and capital equipment company, these machines follow the Everising formula of cost-effective cutting efficiency.

A specialist in medium to large band saws since 1982, Everising derives its technological innovation from customer requests. “This is very much in line with the First Cut philosophy of finding niche solutions to customer application requirements in order to provide long-term sustainability and productivity, while at the same time reducing maintenance and downtime,” says First Cut Director Steve Van Wyk.

“Everising bandsaw and circular sawing machines are ISO accredited, and are among the finest in the world, renowned for their extraordinary rigidity and accuracy, while exhibiting the most advanced cutting tool technology,” says Van Wyk.

The new economical but also highly accurate “E Range” of bandsaw machines enters into new cutting territory. The E series can meet the market demands for mass production on medium-sized metal cutting. The E 430 / 530 /830 are high speed metal cutting bandsaw machines, which are high capacity machines geared up for efficiency. It not only has a wide ranging capacity; but its high-speed cutting capabilities are guaranteed to improve productivity and output levels even on tough materials.

Phenomenal Cutting Rate: The enforced coolant supply unit which is a feature of the machine is found in the quick approach bar, it reduces the tooth temperature considerably during the high speed cutting. Powered with a highly accurate NC down feed control and Everising’s unique cutting design the cutting load is reduced significantly.

Reduced Cost Per Cut: The blade runs at speeds from 15 to 120 m/min. The anti-vibration roller reduces the blades vibration for a smoother cut as well as the low twisted angle of the blade reduces continuous stress on the backing material.

Operator Supported Function: The E series bandsaw machines goes back to zero positioning after each cut. If the machine is being used in manual operation there is a back gauge function to adjust the cut length. The machine has been specifically designed to use TCT saw blades. Variable blade speed is controlled by an inverter. The guide arm travels on linear guide way and moves in coordination with the movable vise jaw. The machine is equipped with an out of square detector.