Wikus and First Cut: cutting steel – and costs – with superior band saw blade technology
03 August 2018

Since its founding in 1958 in Spangenberg in Germany, Wikus, a world-leading band saw blade manufacturer, has built up an enviable reputation for products which offer maximum precision combined with top quality and unmatched performance. In South Africa, Wikus band saw blades are available through First Cut, the foremost distributor of cutting consumables and capital equipment.

Over the past 60 years, Wikus has sustained its excellent reputation through a policy of constant innovation and the search for new solutions. In line with this, the company recently released a range of new band saw blades designed for certain specific customer uses. In industry, much fabrication uses steel with cross-sections or profiles of less than 50mm. To cater for this application, Wikus has introduced the Vario M42 all-purpose band saw blade. While this precision cutting blade is designed for all-purpose use, it offers the user a consistently high blade life combined with smooth, quiet operation.

The Vario M42 offers a number of significant advantages when cutting thin-walled profiles and solid materials with relatively small cross-sections. As fabricators or machine-shop owners will be able to rely on the Vario M42 for a consistently extended blade life, production planning will be improved, as allowance will not need to be made for unscheduled, or more frequent, blade changes.

The Vario M42 has been given a ‘super finish’ on its surfaces, which will, in turn, give sawing machine carrier band's a greatly improved lifespan. With this new blade, Wikus has striven for high-precision setting of the teeth which gives an excellent finish to the completed cut. The sharper cutting edges of the Vario M42's teeth reduce both burr formation and subsequent rework.

Variable tooth pitch and a 0˚ rake angle ensure that the Vario M42 is both smooth and quiet in operation. A further recent innovation from Wikus is the Selekta GS Premium M42 blade, which now features a hard material coating to meet fabricators' requirements for both increased performance and extended life. In addition, with this blade Wikus has introduced a patented tooth design for ultra-high cutting performance. With the excellent blade life of the Selekta GS Premium M42, fabrication shops will be able to reduce their machining costs significantly.

After cutting, the Selekta GS effectively eliminates the need for rework such as deburring, as the superior design of the blade gives an excellent surface quality in the cut. In addition, the bandsaw’s exact gating conserves material; while the back-edge coating on the Selekta GS reduces overall friction and vibration. The Selekta GS can be used to cut both solid material and metals of up to 1400 N/mm2 tensile strength.

Not every blade that Wikus manufactures has a highly specialised application. The recently launched Marathon M42 is a blade that delivers great versatility with its wide range of applications and can be used to cut any number of materials both quickly and economically.

With its many decades of experience in bandsaw blade design, Wikus understands the crucial importance of tooth geometry. For this reason, it has optimised the tooth geometry of the Marathon M42 - which now gives its users an even longer blade life. In fact, the Marathon M42 promises increased blade life of up to 20% thanks to the improved characteristics of the product. With its universal application, it is possible to cut various materials in succession without the need for time consuming blade changes. As the Marathon M42 gives exceptionally straight cuts, material usage is diminished while the superior surface of the cuts again eliminates the need for expensive rework.

Overall, the Marathon M42 promises the busy fabricator significant cost savings and increased profitability. So no matter what your manufacturing requirements are, there will be a Wikus Blade to suit your application. With a Wikus blade fitted to your sawing machine, you will be able to 'steel' the advantage from your competitors.