Bringing the new Timesavers Multi Directional Brush that uniformly deburrs and finishes edges of laser cut material
06 August 2016

First Cut, one of South Africa’s leading distributors of international capital equipment, together with the Dutch company Timesavers International B.V add even more value to the metal sector. Timesavers is a well-established manufacturer of grinding and polishing machines for the metal industry. They offer solutions in de-burring and edge-rounding and polishing of metals in general, mostly carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Timesavers new rotating brush machine makes use of a multi-directional brush system, which uniformly deburrs and finishes edges of laser cut, plasma, flame, water-jet, punched and machined parts in all directions in one pass, while improving the surface with an optional random finish. The machines specialise in grain, brush and scratch finishing of stainless steel in sheet and coil. The brushes also work on coated/ temperature sensitive customised solutions for calibrating and fine grinding of special materials, such as titanium, chromium and zirconium and marked surface parts. An optional abrasive belt is available for pre-grinding heavy burrs. Due to the machines even controllable edge radiussing it can be used for aerospace, catering and medical industries. The machine allows flat, shaped and 3D parts with protrusions and pockets to be deburred.

The rotary brush head has 8 counter rotating abrasive flap brushes on the brush carousel with frequency controlled main motors. You are able to process different part thicknesses with a single setting. The brush life has an impressive 3000 hours to boast. A standard vacuum table is used to hold small parts from 50mm x 50mm. Maximum working capacity of 100mm. Available working width 1000mm, 1350mm and 1500mm

The machine has a new streamlined design, which now has easy access for quick tool changes to decrease down time and speed up the cleaning process. The doors now have windows and the interior is illuminated so you are visibly able to see and control the process. LED bars on the infeed and outfeed shows the machines status.

Timesavers brings with it sixty years of technological expertise when it comes to processing metals and other special materials. For more information contact First Cut 011.614.1112 or email Steve Van Wyk on