Starrett band saws from First Cut – new levels of portable cutting convenience for both professional and DIY users
23 August 2018

For more than 125 years, manufacturers worldwide have depended on Starrett for quality tools and equipment, which have always been at the forefront of innovation. Traditionally, steel-cutting band saws tended to be larger equipment items that were not particularly portable. However, in manufacturing, most of the steel that is used is smaller than 50 mm in section. Starrett has responded by producing an innovative range of portable band saws which will cater for these smaller steel sections.

The Starrett S1101 band saw is ideal for smaller section cuts (100 x 150mm) in tubes and structural sections; and is very well-suited for use in maintenance workshops and metalworking. Its measurements and light weight allow for easy and safe transportation. In addition, its versatility ensures a range of cutting angles, a unique feature for a machine this size. With its 0.37kW single phase motor, the S1101 band saw is capable of cutting round bar up to a diameter of 100mm (60mm at 45˚). Weighing in at 23 kg, the S1101 uses a 13 x 1470 x 0.5mm blade.

For maximum strength and durability, the S1101 band saw has been manufactured with an injected aluminum bow, bolted to a compact and sturdy base. For rapid operation, the manual vice has a quick grip system. Cutting is assisted by a gravity feed, with three feed pressure options. While the S1101 is fitted with an automatic stop at the end of the cut, it also has an easily accessible emergency stop button. The blade has a quick tensioning system and can dry cut without lubrication at 90˚ and 45˚ angles

The next in the range, the S3420 band saw is part of a new generation of machines, equipped with several technical features that bring multiple benefits to its users. This model is intended for production and can be used for other applications such as locksmiths and laboratories, while always maintaining the precision and rapidity in the cut. The S3420 is robustly constructed with and safety of its user being a key concern. The S3420 band saw is fitted with a belt tensioning system and a selector switch for convenient speed changes. Cutting can be carried out manually or with the use of gravity. The S3420's guides are combined with bearings and carbide inserts. Other features are a cooling pump and a vice with a quick clamping system.

An in-and-out roller table is supplied as an option. The S3420 is manufactured according to CE standards in accordance with NR12 regulatory requirements. The 240kg S3420 has a cutting capacity at 45º of up to 170mm and is fitted with a three-phase 220-230V or 380-400V, 0.59kW motor. A third offering from Starrett, the S3120 horizontal band saw, has been developed with productivity, robustness, and high-speed cutting performance in mind.

The S3120 is fitted with a two-speed switch and can be either manual or gravity fed. The CE-compliant S3120 can cut at an angle of 60°; and its cast iron bow gives the machine rigidity for accurate cuts. The machine also features combined guides with a bearing and a built-in cooling pump. The machine's Dynamometric blade tensioning system will ensure an extended blade life. Operators have a choice of two cutting speeds, with the added convenience of being able to secure workpieces in a vice with a quick holding system.

Starrett band saws bring a new level of convenience to both the professional and the serious DIY market. These indispensable cutting implements are ideally suited for professionals or businesses looking to acquire a versatile, low-maintenance band saw, which offers them an excellent cost-benefit ratio and a truly sound return-on-investment.