BLM Elect CNC Tube Bender is Two Machines in One
02 February 2016

Introducing the innovative Elect tube bending machine from BLM which functions as two machines in one. This capability can save secondary bending operations or even the need for a second bending machine. The Elect's multi-stack tool mounting facility allows multi radius and variable radius bending of the same tube to take place in a single setup.

Bends with very little straight between them, even compound bends, can also be accommodated, along with tight bends that can have a radius less than the tube diameter.

The inherent precision and control of all the axes positioning guarantees consistent, accurate bends. All critical machine setting parameters are managed by the Siemens 840D SL CNC control.

This Solution-Line control system, which interfaces with BLM's VGP3D graphical programming and simulation software, provides fully automatic and interpolated simultaneous movement of all nine machine axes. This eliminates dead time within the tube bending cycle, ensuring that optimum output rates are reached consistently.

The VGP3D software creates the part program and displays on screen in real time the shortest and most efficient bending cycle. Any possible collision points are highlighted and alternative strategies proposed on screen. This collision avoidance routine eliminates any likelihood of expensive machine downtime, tool damage and material wastage. The software simulation cycle gives the actual time it will take to bend the component on the machine. After a tooling change the BLM Elect automatically initiates a single machine protection cycle, which runs at 20 per cent of the normal speed and power. This ensures that should a collision be caused by inadvertent operator error it will not damage the machine or tooling.

The BLM Elect has a robust bend head and machine frame, and its compact integrated gearbox contributes to the greater clearance area around and beneath the bend head. This enables more complex components to be completed in a single cycle.

The machine's precise calibration cycle means that it is set right first time and a first-off part, and all subsequent parts, will be to specification. Two models are available: the Elect-63 having a maximum tube OD capacity of 63mm (2mm wall thickness in steel); and the Elect-80 having a maximum tube OD capacity of 80mm (2mm wall thickness in steel). Both models have an optional variable radius/boost bending facility.

For more information on the range of machines from the BLM Group, please contact Neil Labuschangne on 082.923.0576 email: or visit