Xpert with new design
15 February 2016

The new Xpert generation astonishes with dynamic lines and improved ergonomics. Bystronic has fundamentally revamped the pressbrake's design.

The Xpert pressbrakes, bending machines from First Cut are classic examples of Swiss precision manufacturing. Bystronic’s high-quality solutions for the economical processing of sheet metal are renowned for their quality finishes and ability to enhance productivity.

The Xpert's fresh design will make working with the pressbrake simpler and more efficient. In addition, the new Xpert improves the possibilities for individual machine upgrades. Overall, the new generation is more modular. This simplifies upgrades with additional functions, such as dynamic bending aids or additional backgauge axes. Thus, users keep all the expansion options open when purchasing a new Xpert and can upgrade their Xpert whenever the need arises.

This top-of the-range machine has a very high position and it offers the highest repetition accuracy on the market. The Xpert is known worldwide, for having the most extensive database, which can be simply expanded with additional material characteristics and parameters. It is the only machine that doesn’t produce angle errors. At the press of a single button the Xpert offers first class bending results thanks to pressure reference technology with fully automatic, dynamic crowning. 

Not only does the Xpert have a fresh new look, the crowing system has been upgraded. Thereby ensuring even greater air bending accuracy. Hydraulic-dynamic crowing, which has been a feature of the Bystronic Xpert for many years, determines the position of the length of the metal sheet by means of pressure sensors; thereby ensuring a constant angle with every bend. The new crowing system is equipped with additional pressure sensor, which provides three advantages: Firstly the machine collects twice as much information during the bending process than with the old crowning system, thus increasing crowning accuracy by approximately 20%; secondly, the additional sensor makes the bending process around 10% faster, and thirdly, the new crowning system makes the bending process more transparent because it allows operators to constantly track crowning strength via the ByVision control unit.

All new Bystronic Xpert pressbrakes will be equipped with the new crowning system - reactive-dynamic crowing, or Crowing 4 for short - which represents the fourth-generation crowning system for the Xpert and Beyeler, respectively.

The Xpert is operated via the tried and tested ByVision Bending user interface. Users carry out all the operating steps conveniently on a 22-inch touch screen. The software can be enhanced at any time with additional functions, such as Voice Control, Part ID, Condition Messenger, and Observer.

With the Xpert 40, Bystronic presents a new pressbrake with a compact design. The innovative speed-machine enables users to bend small parts fast and cost-effectively.

The Xpert 40 gives a first impression of Bystronic's small format bending experience of the future. The Xpert 40 will be launched on the market in 2015 and will round off the range of pressbrakes in the small machine segment.

The new pressbrake convinces primarily through speed. The innovative lightweight design provides the Xpert 40 with a high level of dynamics at bending speeds up to 25 millimeters per second. This means that the Xpert 40 bends small parts up to three times faster than larger pressbrake models. Over a bending length of one meter, the Xpert 40 generates a press capacity of up to 40 tons. The ByMotion drive control, a new Bystronic innovation, ensures the finely tuned interplay between speed, precision, and power. The control coordinates the precise acceleration of the upper beam and the backgauges. This enables bending results with the highest degree of repetition accuracy.

During the development of the Xpert 40, Bystronic took an innovative approach. For the first time customers were involved directly in the development process of a new machine. What resulted is a pressbrake that will enable users to process small bent parts fast and cost-effectively.

For more information on Bystronic’s range of Xpert pressbrakes, please contact Maurice Zermatten on 072 617 9359, email: or visit