Starrett Bandsaw Solutions
07 July 2016

First Cut (Pty) Ltd, for more than sixty years a leading supplier of capital equipment in Southern Africa, prides itself on its range of world class cutting machinery and consumables. One of First Cut’s suppliers, Starrett who have top class bandsaw blades, and have now introduced new blade technology to their armoury.

Intenss™ PRO

Optimum cutting efficiency in high-production applications.

Intenss PRO band saw blades are ideal for production cutting operations across a wide range of metals. They feature a tooth design with a positive rake angle and variable pitch for optimal cutting efficiency in sustained, high-production applications.

The blade is ideal for production cutting of steels up to 45HRc, tool and stainless steels, nicke-lbased and non-ferrous alloys. It boasts easy material penetration, excellent chip clearance and reduced noise levels. High-quality surface finish for faster and straighter cuts.

Intenss PRO is made with triple-tempered, high-speed M-42 cobalt steel teeth combined with a fatigue-resistant alloy steel backing strip. It has a complete line with a wide range of widths and pitches to suit a wide variety of cutting needs. Its unique tooth geometry provides intense production cutting in ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The Intenss PRO is ideal for production cutting across a wide range of metals, for solids and thick wall tubes.

Versatix MP

New tooth design raises the bar in cutting structural steels.

Developed and tested by Starrett with a patent application pending, Versatix MP band saw blades set new standards in cutting structural steels, sections, tubes and small solids. The new tooth design ensures that the blades can easily handle the stock loading conditions associated with intermittent cutting.

New tooth design significantly increases tooth strength and reduces stripping. The perfect choice for cutting sections, structural, tubes and small solids. Ideal for use on manual ‘pull down’ band saw machines where uncontrolled feed rates can overload the teeth of a standard blade. Triple-tempered, high-speed M-42 cobalt steel teeth are combined with a fatigue-resistant alloy steel backing strip.

PowerCalc Band Saw Selection Mobile Application

The Starrett PowerCalc band saw selection tool selects the right band saw blade for a specific application. PowerCalc is a free app that has been developed to work with Apple, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry mobile devices.

  • Composition of the material to be cut (to determine hardness).
  • Shape of the part to be cut.
  • Details regarding any bundling of the material.
  • Whether or not it will be a cooled cut.
  • Band saw machine being used to make the cut.

Once this information is entered, the results display the recommended Starrett band saw blade as well as information relating to the number of break-in cuts, cooling recommendations, and cutting time and speeds under both break-in and normal conditions.

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