Reduce cost per cut – increase the efficiency of the cutting process
07 July 2016

Since 1960, Johannesburg-based First Cut has had a long and successful history in the supply of cutting consumables and blades, and thanks to its supply partnerships with some of the best-known international names in saw blades the company is now the leading supplier of cutting consumables in South Africa.

For more than 58 years the name WIKUS has been standing for maximum precision, quality and performance. With these characteristics the manufacturer for high-tech bandsaw blades from Spangenberg in Hesse, Germany achieved a very good reputation. Today WIKUS is the biggest manufacturer for bandsaw blades in Europe. Operators from steel production, steel distribution, machine construction, automotive industry, aerospace, building sector and the solar industry profit from the all-round solutions of WIKUS bandsaw blades, whose production “made in Germany” is certified according to all current industrial quality norms.

WIKUS and First Cut gives its customers best support in finding saving potentials by innovative bandsaw blades, competent technical know-how and extensive services. To offer long-lasting economical solutions they analyse all parameters in detail which have influence on the costs per cut. The evaluation of the cutting process is the main factor for an efficient cutting cost reduction.

Relevant characteristics for the optimisation of the cutting process are the materials to be cut, the customer-specific requirements as well as the application and basic conditions.  

After analysis of this information First Cut with WIKUS can choose the optimal tool and application parameters. They can then focus the customer’s benefit, efficiency, sustainability and the process safety. 

With its product portfolio WIKUS offers high efficient, long-lasting solutions for any cutting task. Cutting times and cutting costs can easily be reduced, lifetimes can be increased and additional capacities can be obtained by an accordant tool performance. Moreover our innovative first-class WIKUS bandsaw blades receive excellent surface qualities and therewith reduce the number of following process steps. The results are an increased efficiency and productivity, reduced costs per cut as well as utilisation of saving potentials.