First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions
First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions
  Changing the ‘profile’ of industry with equipment which drives productivity and profits
In 2002, First Cut made the important strategic decision to enter South Africa's capital equipment market. Today, the Capital Equipment division has become a major part of First Cut's business. A pivotal factor in the success thereof has been our strategic partnerships with an enviable portfolio of the world's leading names in capital equipment. First Cut's Capital Equipment division has four sub-divisions, each one providing our customers with an impressive array of world-leading, quality cutting and engineering solutions.

First Cut's Capital Equipment division specialises in:
  • General cutting
  • Machining - CNC machining centres and lathes
  • Plate processing - Plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting and drilling
  • Sheet metal processing - Coil processing, roll forming, laser cutting, bending, waterjetting and automation
  • Structural fabrication - Beam processing, plate processing, flat and angle processing and surface treatment
  • Tube processing - Mills, bending, laser cutting, end forming and 3D measuring

Products and agencies

  • General cutting - Bandsaw machines, CNC high-speed machines, HSS machines - Everising, Waytrain

  • Machining - Vertical machining centres, Tapping centres, CNC lathes, 5 Axis machining centres, Horizontal machining centres - Litz

  • Structural Fabrication - Beam processing, Plate processing (Plasma and Oxy), Flat angle processing, Surface treatment, Assembly and welding, Beam welding, Beam rotation - CMM, Stierli-Bieger, Voortman

  • Sheet Metal Processing - Laser cutting, Bending, Waterjetting, Storage and automation, Polishing and deburring - Timesavers

  • Tube Processing - Mills, Bending, Laser cutting, Sawing, End-forming - BLM Group, Birlik Makina, USM
  First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions
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