First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions
First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions
  At the ‘cutting-edge’ of industry
First Cut has had a long and successful history in the supply of cutting consumables. Since we produced our first bandsaw blade in 1960, First Cut has been at the forefront of blade technology. We are proud to be the leading supplier of cutting consumables in South Africa, thanks to our partnership with some of the best-known names in cutting tools. These include Starrett, Moore and Wright and Eclipse and together they bring the full range of consumables, including bandsaw blading, hacksaw blading, frames and a vast range of engineering tools to the South African market.

The metal cutting division focuses on an extensive customer base comprising distributors to the engineering sector, merchants and end users. It is this strong representation in consumables that is the base upon which our successful growth strategy is founded.

First Cut's Consumable division specialises in:
  • Bandsaw blades
  • Circular saw blades
  • Magnetics
  • Precision engineers' tools
  • Small saws and frames
  • Abrasives

Products and agencies

  • Bi-metal - Bandsaw blades for cutting solid steel, structural and tube sections - Starrett, Wikus, Steinbach

  • Carbon steel - Bandsaw blades for cutting light metal and for tool room applications - Starrett, Speed Cut, Steinbach

  • Timber - Bandsaw blades for wood-working to the saw-mill industry - Starrett, Bi-metal, Steinbach

  • Circular saws - High-speed steel blades for tube. Cernet blades for solid sections. TCT blades for timber and aluminium. Friction and segmental saws for solids and structural steel - Julia, Blecher, Kanefusa, Jaufasa, SW WIL

  • Bandknife - Bandknife blades for cutting foam, paper, rubber, soft plastic and any other fibrous material - Starrett, Speed Cut

  • Consumables - Small saws and frames, magnets, abrasives, hand tools and work holding - Starrett, Eclipse, Sonnenflex, La-co Markal

  • Precision tools - Measuring equipment - Starrett, Moore & Wright, Eclipse Magnetics

  • Meat - Bandsaw blades for the meat, fish and poultry industry - Starrett, Kasco
  First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions
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